One Simple Trick by Tabitha Naylor to Make People Actually Subscribe to Your Emails

You understand the importance of email marketing. You know that you stand to make serious dividends off of investing into an email automation platform, and you’ve even created a “sign up” box to allow visitors to your site to join your emailing list with ease. The only thing holding you back from using email to boost your sales?

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No One Is Signing Up…

This happens all the time. Think about your own web browsing experience. How often do you actually take the initiative to provide your email address to a given website? If you’re anything like, Tabitha Naylor, the answer is “not very,” and for good reason: everyone HATES getting spammed! We’re inclined to keep our email addresses closely guarded because our inboxes are valuable territory. There’s nothing worse than having to wade through hundreds of “Exclusive offer just for you!”-type emails to locate that banana bread recipe your mom emailed you two weeks ago. We don’t want our inboxes being inundated with worthless emails, and most of the time when we see a “Subscribe now!” box, alarm bells are already ringing.

So how do you get people to lower their inhibitions and enter their information anyway?


And if you’re thinking, “I already do – it clearly says that subscribers will be kept up to date with everything that’s going on in my company”, you need to reassess what potential customers deem valuable. Hint: it’s not a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

Here are the three of best “freebies” you can offer to guarantee your subscribe button actually starts getting clicked.

  1. A Discount Code

According to Tabitha Naylor, it is incredibly easy to implement and a surefire way to grow your email list. Offer up a one-time use discount code that you will send via email once a subscriber has given you their contact information. I know, I know, no one wants to sell products for less than full price, but this doesn’t have to be some ridiculous offer – anywhere from 10%-20% up to X number of dollars will do, and should almost certainly pay for itself down the road. Getting an email address is the ecommerce equivalent to acquiring a customer, and if you can do that and make money at the same time you’d be a fool not to.

  1. An E-book

Second offer that Tabitha Naylor talks about is an E-book. This offer is a little bit more complex than the last one, as it requires you to do a little writing, but many sites successfully grow their email lists by offering free e-books to potential subscribers. These don’t have to be literary masterpieces, but if you’re able to throw together a quick “10 Step Guide to _________” PDF to send your subscribers, you’ve now given them a reason to divulge their personal email information.

  1. A Newsletter

These are becoming more and more standard across ecommerce sites, because they give you a way to stay relevant to your customers without overtly marketing to them. Include stories, tips, and content related to the niche your company falls in. If you sell pet supplies, send out a recap of the cutest puppies of 2016, or a list of the 10 Things Every Dog Owner Knows.  Tabitha Naylor tells that the goal is to provide engaging content in each newsletter that creates a positive association with your email handle, so when you DO send out promotional emails they actually get opened – if you’ve got a track record of producing good newsletter content, it stands to reason that the offers you send will be pretty good (and worth opening) as well.

Tabitha Naylor makes the point that a sizable email list is a built-in audience for you to market your products and services to, and you should always be trying to expand it. Give your sign up box a little pizzazz in the form of a “freebie” and you’ll be well on your way to doing just that. While a one-time use discount is easy to set up and a great way to boost subscribers, e-books and newsletters are incredibly powerful options as well. You can write these yourself or consult with a digital marketing specialist to guarantee that you’re providing your subscribers with high-quality information. Utilize any or all of these giveaways and start growing that email list today!!

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