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Tabitha Naylor gives various tips on hospitality management. According to her, if you own a hotel, B&B or a resort of some kind, you have to marshal your social media channels to market to your consumers who will be traveling during the spring season. How? You could set up a contest that is focused on the season. So for Valentine’s Day, you could create a contest on Snapchat or Instagram in which you ask users to submit their most romantic pics, and select five winners to receive freebies such as room discount for a night. For Spring Break, target younger consumers who are most likely to travel and create campaigns built around the things they like doing such as drinking, hanging at the beach and shopping.  If your hotel is near a beach, a targeted email marketing campaign is most effective for this type of marketing outreach. You can offer free Spring Break 2017 T-shirts and beach towels and flip flops printed with your hotel name and logo. And even if you aren’t located close to a beach, you can still offer printed items such as key chains and mugs that are enticements for visitors to sample what you’re offering. It’s all about taking advantage of the season and targeting your marketing campaign around that season.

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